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2016 Web Series


Thanks to scary movies and sensationalized television programming, sharks have a hair-raising reputation. But not all sharks are really as scary and dangerous as they’re portrayed.

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In some countries they’re seen as bad luck ... others good luck. And sometimes people just run and hide from them. Let’s face it, snakes have a reputation.

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Whether it’s their saucer-like shape or fins that help them “fly” through the water, stingrays appear peaceful and calm ... despite their dangerous reputation..

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Big, bad wolf? Thanks to Little Red Riding Hood, wolves have a reputation. In reality, wolves are most certainly not big, bad or harmful to humans. They are simply misunderstood.

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2015 Web Series

Leopard Cubs

Who can resist the cuteness factor of cubs … especially these rare snow and clouded leopard cubs? Yes, they’re cute and cuddly now, but wait a few months and their speed, power and size will make them a force to be reckoned with.

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Sea Otters

With their soft, dense fur, cute expressions and lazy backstroke, it’s easy to fall in love with the sea otter.

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Imagine taking one hop and covering 25 feet in distance while jumping nearly 10 feet high. Not even the best track and field long jumpers can make that claim. On the rare chance that you find yourself in the path of a hopping kangaroo … get out of the way … fast!

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What makes this gentle giant so amazing? Despite their massive size and stubbly snout, manatees seem cute and cuddly to many ocean visitors.

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2014 Web Series


They’re enormous and intelligent, strong and social. They’re a lot like us in many ways. But what else makes elephants so great?

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Why, might you ask, are a cheetah and dog being raised together? Learn more about this unique friendship, as well as other impressive cheetah facts.

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With their long, graceful necks and massive size, giraffes are among the most awe-inspiring creatures on the planet.

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With their tuxedo-like coloring, awkward Charlie Chaplin waddle and stubby outstretched wings, the penguin is a Wild Kingdom fan favorite.

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